So, I was busy updating the page today with Chapter 9 of TCG and playing with Twitter while I did so...

When I realized that I had very few links in my "Links" section. So, I decided to add some. A few of the new additions belong to my friends (Draeden and Makena from Songs of the Goddess and GoddessCast) and most of the rest are webcomics.

Yeah. I seriously love me some webcomics. I first got into them about ten years ago, starting with Something Positive. I'm hoping, once I'm done with TCG, to start a webcomic of my own... unfortunately, I'm a terrible artist, so I'm hoping to find someone good at that sort of thing while I do all the writing.
Here's a direct quote of those webcomic additions, for those of a similar taste but who are too lazy to look in the "Links" section:

Something Positive - Humorous, grim, sarcastic, with unexpected moments of pathos... and ChooChoo Bear the Liquid Cat. Really, what else did you expect me to read?

Girl Genius - Adventure! Romance! Mad SCIENCE!!!

Order of the Stick - Rich Burlew's amazingly good "love-letter" to Dungeons&Dragons... using stick figures.

Goblins - Another D&D descended comic, this one is exceptionally violent, very dark, and, at times, extremely funny and sensitive. Amazing storyline so far, too.

Girls With Slingshots - Funny. Witty. A little naughty. Sometimes with a talking cactus.

FreakAngels - Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's online collaboration about a group of super-psychic kids that broke the world and then tried to make up for it.

-- MJC
That should probably be the title to any biography of my life.

The only balm to my pride is that it is my understanding that it probably should be the title to lots of people's lives.

After missing a week, getting a chapter out, and then missing two more weeks, one would think that I had considerably more work done on TCG. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

What I do have is a slightly revised (but still unfinished) outline, a partial map built in Hexographer (hooray for RPG geekery proving useful!) so that I don't lose track of where the characters have been, and a few more chapters than I had before. So, even though it isn't as much as I feel I should have done, I'm glad that there was still a net gain in writing.

That said, Chapter 8 is now up for your reading pleasure, after an inexcusable two-week hiatus. I would like to thank my friend Sara for threatening to beat me with a stick in order to get me properly back on course.

Also, should you feel the need to make yourself depressed, there's also a handful of stuff in my Poetry section.

-- MJC


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