So, it's been three weeks since I last published anything on the site. Today I finally got chapter 11 up, even though it has been finished for weeks.

So, my "buffer" of finished chapters has run out. I've been halfheartedly working on chapter 12, which I wrote, didn't like, so decided to write again, and am now considering scrapping a third time and starting yet again. This is why I held off on publication of chapter 11; concern that I might need to go further back and do some editing their as well.

But I finally decided that I'd rather push forward than go back.

Long ago, someone, some artist I respected, said that "writer's block" is just a writer coming to a point where s/he needed to make a decision, and not wanting to make it. That's probably the case here, though I'm not sure exactly what decision I'm having trouble making.

So I've been finding solace in distractions. Mostly a computer game that I have allowed to eat entirely too much of my free time of late.


Of course, the cycle of procrastination feeds into itself, as the further away from the work I fall, the harder it becomes to get re-motivated in getting back to the proverbial grindstone.

To make it up to my readers, I may try to upload some other pieces of fiction that I've written in the past while I get chapter 12 and its followers squared away.

-- MJC


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