So, I was busy updating the page today with Chapter 9 of TCG and playing with Twitter while I did so...

When I realized that I had very few links in my "Links" section. So, I decided to add some. A few of the new additions belong to my friends (Draeden and Makena from Songs of the Goddess and GoddessCast) and most of the rest are webcomics.

Yeah. I seriously love me some webcomics. I first got into them about ten years ago, starting with Something Positive. I'm hoping, once I'm done with TCG, to start a webcomic of my own... unfortunately, I'm a terrible artist, so I'm hoping to find someone good at that sort of thing while I do all the writing.
Here's a direct quote of those webcomic additions, for those of a similar taste but who are too lazy to look in the "Links" section:

Something Positive - Humorous, grim, sarcastic, with unexpected moments of pathos... and ChooChoo Bear the Liquid Cat. Really, what else did you expect me to read?

Girl Genius - Adventure! Romance! Mad SCIENCE!!!

Order of the Stick - Rich Burlew's amazingly good "love-letter" to Dungeons&Dragons... using stick figures.

Goblins - Another D&D descended comic, this one is exceptionally violent, very dark, and, at times, extremely funny and sensitive. Amazing storyline so far, too.

Girls With Slingshots - Funny. Witty. A little naughty. Sometimes with a talking cactus.

FreakAngels - Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's online collaboration about a group of super-psychic kids that broke the world and then tried to make up for it.

-- MJC


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