So this is my first blog entry on this website. Bits and pieces and various pages will be "under construction" for a bit, of course, as I attempt to perfect the layout.

To introduce myself: my name is Michael James Cullen. And I fancy myself a writer.

The primary goal I have in mind for this site at this time is to serially publish a story by the name of the Cabbage Girl. My aim is to kick out one chapter every week, until I bring the story to its conclusion and end up with a completed novel.

I have a small backlog of chapters that are "mostly finished" to give myself some weeks of leeway as I get myself up to speed. A few select people are giving me a short editing read-through before I publish a given chapter, mostly to catch the weird flaws and lapses that a writer is prone to miss in his or her own work.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how many chapters I'm going to need to tell this story. I'm already "off the rails" of the initial outline I created before I started writing, so perhaps a new outline is in order?

A secondary goal of this site is to discuss writing, in general, mostly by voicing my own thought process as I attempt to finish the Cabbage Girl and/or publish other bits of fiction and poetry. With the help of readers, volunteer editors, and other writers, I'm hoping that these discussions will help me find my "voice" and make me a better writer.

So welcome to the freak-show. Hopefully, you'll find something to pique your interest.

-- MJC
Gina Russell
5/28/2013 07:17:20 am

More please of The Cabbage Girl.

5/28/2013 07:24:35 am

YAY i have always enjoyed a good freak show :)


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